Nintendo Wii or Xbox 360? Choice Is Yours!

Xbox 360 is, however, a classic console suitable for those who like better graphics and game system simpler and more intuitive. For the fans, "Pro Evolution" is a great title, the gameplay is very realistic and good grafiku.Xbox 360 is, however, also offers action games, adventure and many other genres.

great news for the Xbox 360 is its latest addition, Kinect. This device detects all the moves, giving you the chance to get into the game and interact without the regulator.

Finally, it remains up to you to choose which one best suits your needs.


Everything You Need to Know About Xbox 360 Accessories

a wide range of accessories is available for the Xbox 360, can be divided into wired and wireless accessories uređaje.Najčešći regulator, which comes as standard in most of the Xbox 360 pakete.Maksimalno four wired or wireless controllers can be connected to the Xbox 360 in any time, allowing for cooperative play in different configurations, a team or as a four-person single-player. You can also buy a USB keyboard connector for use with the console, but these are limited to text input funkcije.Bežični comms receiver allows hands-free communication during gameplay, and functions similarly to the main control unit.

of different kinds and genres of games are specially designed accessories that enhance the special experience of those games that offer a more interactive and realistic. Special travel package includes Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel, which includes the normal keys of the controller, plus an accelerator that mounts on the floor and the brake pedal. For this scene? 'series of games, special bundle of 4 wireless controllers manufactured by third party companies, each with a buzzer pad and selection buttons to answer the question.

'Guitar Hero' and 'Rock Band' games are one of the runaway success of the Xbox 360, in no small part to try games' designers to produce controllers that makes the musical experience more autentičan.Gitara controller is wireless, and includes functions such as strumming, whammying and separate panels on the neck. The controllers can be customized with stickers.

Perhaps the most exciting addition for Xbox Kinect, which allows players to your body regulators using their limbs, voice, or special facilities. Released in 2010, Kinect, which is now sold as part of a special package promises a bright future for the Xbox game, allowing casual and serious players to fully immerse themselves in the gaming experience in the comfort of your own home.


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